Waldviertel Summer Vacation Waldviertel: 197 - 1.063 meters

Vacation in het Waldviertel

The Waldviertel, authenticity, and sporty discover nature.
The Waldviertel is known as a region where you can enjoy the real nature. It is the north of Austria, an ideal Vacation Area with many sights and attractions.

Nature surrounds here all villages and towns with, as the name says, vast forests, but also rugged rock formations, colorful poppy fields, and beautiful river valleys.

It is the part of Austria, where part of the traditions have emerged, and much history is written. And you can see this at all those impressive sights, castles and fortresses, and the often ancient stories.

But there is another thing that makes a Vacation here unique, and that is the typical local cuisine, you can taste in many large and small restaurants, and of course in the local beer gardens.

Villages Region

Ski Resorts Region

Arbesbach Arbesbach Aichelberglifte Karlstift Aichelberglifte Karlstift
Bad Großpertholz Bad Großpertholz Arralifte Harmanschlag Arralifte Harmanschlag
Bad Traunstein Bad Traunstein Schidorf Kirchbach Schidorf Kirchbach
Bärnkopf Bärnkopf Schilift Ottenschlag / Trausmühl Schilift Ottenschlag / Trausmühl
Echsenbach Echsenbach
Gmünd Gmünd
Groß Gerungs Groß Gerungs
Großschönau Großschönau
Gutenbrunn Gutenbrunn
Langschlag Langschlag
Lichtenau Lichtenau
Litschau Litschau
Moorbad Harbach Moorbad Harbach
Ottenschlag Ottenschlag
Rappottenstein Rappottenstein
Reingers Reingers
Schrems Schrems
Schwarzenau Schwarzenau
Schweiggers Schweiggers
St. Martin St. Martin
Weitra Weitra
Zwettl Zwettl

Mountain Sports
A soft landscape, with vast forests, and a lot of sports. It is an outright sports arena, as the region offers eg 7 golf clubs.

More than 2,500 kilometers of hiking trails traverse the forests and hills, and numerous cycle routes and trails for mountain bikes run through the huge forests and along the rivers.

Water Sports
Also for water sports, this is the perfect Vacation Destination, with numerous outdoor and indoor pools.

Unique opportunities to row and for kayaking, for example at the beautiful Thaya, a real adventure.

In the old water tower at the station in Schwarzenau.
The railway museum Schwarzenau is located in the old water tower at the station in Schwarzenau. Various Exhibitions with objects from the history of the railways can be seen here.

Winter Winter Waldviertel
Accommodations Accommodations Waldviertel

Tourist information office

Sparkassenplatz 1/2/2 3910 Zwettl
Telephone: +43 (0)2822 541090
Email: info@waldviertel.at
Internet: http://www.waldviertel.at