Schidorf Kirchbach

Ski Resort Schidorf Kirchbach
680 - 750m
Drag Lift Chairlift Cable Car Aerial Tramway
 2  0  0  0


blue - Easy Slope 0,7 km
red - Medium Slope 0 km
black - Difficult Slope 0 km
Total 0,7 km
Ski Resort Schidorf Kirchbach

Summer Vacation Summer Vacation Waldviertel

Opening Times

09:00 until 16:00.

Ski Resort Schidorf Kirchbach

Schidorf Kirchbach offers a 700 meter descent.
Ski Resort Arralifte is the local Ski Resort, where guests can enjoy the 700 meters long descent. The special beginner lift with a slope of about 80 meters, is ideal for children and beginners.

Ideal for children and beginners.


Snow Telephone: +43 (0)2828 8366

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