Winter sports Lower Austria

Lower Austria Winter sports

Skiing with a smile of children

Winter sports on many slopes, which are child friendly.
Winter sports in Lower Austria is something special. Skiing on well groomed slopes at ski resorts that are not overrun by masses of tourists, yet provide everything you need in the winter holiday.

Moreover Lower Austria offers many different ski areas, usually medium, sometimes very large or smaller. And so there is a suitable track for all winter sports enthusiasts.

A wide variety of ski resorts, but all ski resorts are family and child friendly, and do everything to make you spend the winter holiday of your life.

Because winter sports in Lower Austria is perhaps most famous for the high level of hospitality. Something you can not always find in the major ski resorts in other ski regions.

So, time to to really go enjoy the white slopes, the friendly people and the beautiful white landscape of Lower Austria.

Top ski resorts - Winter sports Lower Austria

Aichelbergerlifte Karlstift Aichelbergerlifte Karlstift Lunz am See - Maiszinken Lunz am See - Maiszinken
Annaberg Annaberg Mönichskirchen - Mariensee Mönichskirchen - Mariensee
Arralifte Harmanschlag Arralifte Harmanschlag Muckenkogel Muckenkogel
Furtnerlifte Rohr im Gebirge Furtnerlifte Rohr im Gebirge Puchberg am Schneeberg Puchberg am Schneeberg
Gemeindealpe Gemeindealpe Reichenau an der Rax - Raxalpe Reichenau an der Rax - Raxalpe
Göllerlifte Göllerlifte Schidorf Kirchbach Schidorf Kirchbach
Helmel Lift - Lunz am See Helmel Lift - Lunz am See Schilifte Feistritzsattel Schilifte Feistritzsattel
Hochbärneck Hochbärneck Semmering - Happylift Semmering - Happylift
Hochkar Hochkar Skilift Breitenfurt Skilift Breitenfurt
Hohe Wand Wiese Hohe Wand Wiese Skilift Ottenschlag / Trausmühle Skilift Ottenschlag / Trausmühle
Jauerling - Maria Laach Jauerling - Maria Laach Skilifte Bonka Skilifte Bonka
Josefsberg Josefsberg Skilifte Puchenstuben Skilifte Puchenstuben
Kirchberg am Wechsel Kirchberg am Wechsel - Arabichl St. Corona am Wechsel St. Corona am Wechsel
Königsberg - Hollenstein / Ybbs Königsberg - Hollenstein / Ybbs Unterberg Pernitz Unterberg Pernitz
Lackenhof - Ötscher Lackenhof - Ötscher Zau[:ber:]g Semmering Hirschenkogel Zau[:ber:]g Semmering Hirschenkogel

Small Winter sports Villages

And small definitely does not mean say less attractive.
In general, the ski resorts in Lower Austria are smaller and less touristy than in other regions in Austria.

Smaller does not mean less attractive. Winter sports in Lower Austria is nothing for skiers looking for major ski resorts, and really just want to party during the winter holiday.

It is however the destination for anyone who really wants to enjoy the white slopes.

With few exceptions, as Zau[:ber:]g Semmering Hirschenkogel, the Hochkar or Lackenhof - Ötscher, the ski areas and ski resorts are a bit smaller. But these ski resorts offer much more peace, also white slopes and good facilities, and have the added advantage that a ski holiday in Lower Austria is still affordable.

The skipasses are better priced, the hotel room is cheaper.

Other Winter Sports

Other winter sports are also offered here.
Winter sports in Lower Austria tends to take place in smaller and less touristy resorts. The facilities are also very good though, yet here are lesser opportunities for other winter sports offered than in other, especially larger ski areas.

However, winter sports like cross-country skiing, winter hiking, snowshoeing and ice skating are around most ski resorts offered.

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