Winter sports Styria

Styria  Winter sports

Skiing in a unique landscape

Styria is one of the largest winter sports regions in Austria.
Winter sports in Styria is enjoying many opportunities, on 80 perfectly maintained ski resorts, , with slopes and pistes for all abilities.

Styria is also one of the major destinations for winter sports in Austria, in which has actually only Tirol more opportunities, but also has some fuller slopes.

Moreover, Styria has some very appealing and ski resorts, slopeswhose slopes are very impressive.

For example, the descent on the Planai, as the Austrians call the descent lovingly. It is the steepest descent in Austria, where every year ski races are organized in the evenings. One of the few FIS races, which do not take place during the day.

But, there are more impressive ski resorts, , such as Hauser-Kaibling, the Tauplitz, the beautiful ski resort Hochwurzen and the Riesneralm. Moreover, the largest linked ski area in Austria, Ski Amade, lies partly in Styria.

The Winter sports are here simply more attractive than in other parts of the Alps and fortunately more and more winter tourists make their way to this winter El Dorado.

The advantage is that the ski resorts and the lifts are very modern and the facilities very good, while the ski areas each year are expanding and modernize their offerings.

A ski area where everyone can experience a real taste of winter, at affordable prices.

Top ski resorts - Winter sports Styria

Aflenzer Bürgeralm Aflenzer Bürgeralm Niederalpl - Mürzsteg Niederalpl - Mürzsteg
Aflenzer Lindenlift Aflenzer Lindenlift Obdach Obdach
Alpl Alpl Oberes Murtal Oberes Murtal
Altes Almhaus Altes Almhaus Oswaldbauer Lift - Krieglach Oswaldbauer Lift - Krieglach
Annerlbauer Lift - Krieglach Annerlbauer Lift - Krieglach Panoramalift St. Kathrein Panoramalift St. Kathrein
Brandstatt Lift - Stanz im Mürztal Brandstatt Lift - Stanz im Mürztal Parfußwirtlifte Trahütten Parfußwirtlifte Trahütten
Brunnalm - Veitsch Brunnalm - Veitsch Patschalift Gschaid Patschalift Gschaid
Buchsteinlift - St. Gallen Buchsteinlift - St. Gallen Planneralm Planneralm
Dachstein Gletscher Dachstein Gletscher Präbichl Präbichl
Eichfeldlift - Turnau Eichfeldlift - Turnau Ramsau Dachstein - Ski Amade Ramsau Dachstein - Ski Amade
Elfenberg Mautern Elfenberg Mautern Reiteralm Bergbahnen - Ski Amade Reiteralm Bergbahnen - Ski Amade
Etmissl Etmissl Reitingerlift Reitingerlift
Fischbach Skilifte Fischbach Skilifte Riesneralm Riesneralm
Gaaler Lifte Gaaler Lifte Salzstiegl Salzstiegl
Gaberl - Stubalpe Gaberl - Stubalpe Schanz-Lift - Fischbach Schanz-Lift - Fischbach
Galsterbergalm - Ski Amade Galsterbergalm - Ski Amade Schizentrum Rieseralm - Obdach Schizentrum Rieseralm - Obdach
Gedersberg Gedersberg Schladming Planai - Ski Amade Schladming Planai - Ski Amade
Grebenzen - St. Lambrecht Grebenzen - St. Lambrecht Schmoll Lifte - Steinhaus Schmoll Lifte - Steinhaus
Hartmannsdorfer Skipiste Hartmannsdorfer Skipiste Schöckel / Schöckl Schöckel / Schöckl
Hauereck St. Kathrein Hauereck St. Kathrein Seewiesen Seeberg Seewiesen Seeberg
Hauser - Kaibling - Ski Amade Hauser - Kaibling - Ski Amade Sommeralm - Holmeisterlifte Sommeralm - Holmeisterlifte
Hebalm Hebalm Sommeralm - Pirstingerkogellift Sommeralm - Pirstingerkogellift
Hirschegg Hirschegg Sonnberglifte - Wald am Schoberpass Sonnberglifte - Wald am Schoberpass
Hochwurzen - Ski Amade Hochwurzen - Ski Amade St. Hemma - Edelschrott St. Hemma - Edelschrott
Hohentauern Hohentauern St. Jakob im Walde St. Jakob im Walde
Kaiserau - Admont Kaiserau - Admont St. Radegund Lift St. Radegund Lift
Kindberg - Pölzl Lifte Kindberg - Pölzl Lifte Stoderzinken - Ski Amade Stoderzinken - Ski Amade
Kleinlobming Kleinlobming Stralleg Stralleg
Klug Lifte - Hebalm Klug Lifte - Hebalm Stuhleck - Semmering Stuhleck - Semmering
Krakautal Tockneralmlift Krakautal Tockneralmlift Tauplitz - Bad Mitterndorf Tauplitz - Bad Mitterndorf
Kreischberg - Murau Kreischberg - Murau Teichalm Lifte Teichalm Lifte
Lachtal Lachtal Tonnerhüttenlift Tonnerhüttenlift
Lammeralm Skiarena Lammeralm Skiarena Tragöß Tragöß
Loser - Altaussee Loser - Altaussee Turnau - Schwabenbergarena Turnau - Schwabenbergarena
Mariazeller Bürgeralpe Mariazeller Bürgeralpe Turracher Höhe Turracher Höhe
Miesenbach - Wiesenhofer Miesenbach - Wiesenhofer Weinebene Weinebene
Miesenbach - Wildwiese Miesenbach - Wildwiese Wenigzell Wenigzell
Modriach - Winkel Hoislifte Modriach - Winkel Hoislifte Wildalpen Wildalpen
Mönichwald - Hochwechsellifte Mönichwald - Hochwechsellifte Wimmerlift / Hart - Purgstall Wimmerlift / Hart - Purgstall
Murauer Frauenalpe Murauer Frauenalpe Zau[:ber:]g Semmering Hirschenkogel Zau[:ber:]g Semmering Hirschenkogel

Winter sports Villages become more touristic

The ski villages are offering more facilities.
The time that the ski villages in Styria were a little old fashioned, is long gone. More and more ski villages have their infrastructure and associated facilities adapted to modern times, and offer basically everything a tourist could want.

This modernization does not meant that the traditional character of the lovely villages is gone, and you can in Styria still enjoy the lovely villages, while you can also enjoy modern facilities such as spa, various events and sports facilities .

Moreover, in the various villages there are several opportunities for eating out, or to have a drink.

The real winter sports

Enjoying the diversity around the ski resorts.
In Styria, you can besides the opportunities for skiing or snowboarding on the slopes, enjoy other modern winter sports, ranging from ice skating or tobogganing, to snowshoeing or paragliding.

But above all the possibilities during the winter for tours through the mountains are excellent here.

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