Ramsau Dachstein

Ski Resort Ramsau Dachstein - Ski Amade
1.600 - 2.200m
Drag Lift Chairlift Cable Car Aerial Tramway
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blauw - Easy Slope 14 km
rood - Medium Slope 9 km
zwart - Difficult Slope 2 km
Total 25 km
Ski Resort Ramsau Dachstein - Ski Amade

Summer Vacation Summer Vacation Ramsau am Dachstein

Opening Times

7 December - 31 March from 09:00 until 16:00.

Prices (adults/children)

Day Ticket From 12:00 2-Day Ticket 5-Day Ticket
€ 37,50 / € 19,00 € -.- / € -.- € -.- / € -.- € -.- / € -.-

Ski Resort Ramsau Dachstein - Ski Amade

A warm Welcome to Ski Resort Ramsau Dachstein - Ski Amade.
Ski Resort Ramsau Dachstein - Ski Amade offers skiing at 3 levels on the sunny meadows in the region. A beautiful area to learn skiing. The Dachstein Glacier (2,700 m), which is open all year and where the Norwegian ski elite trains. And the Ski Resort is part of Ski Amade, what with a large amount of slopes is pure skiing pleasure.

For children the winter fairy tales become true, with Kali, the dragon mascot. He leads the children through the 7 magic stations, and at the lifts and slopes stories are being told. So kids can visit the eaglecave on their skies, and listen to a eagle fairy tale. Wooden tables at the lift and the slopes tell more eagle stories. In the crystal cave children follow the sounds and the trail of the Queen of the Mountain Crystal. And at the magic lift the 5 meter high, colorful stone heads, called Eisklotte, Tannendreher, Ernstlisch, Blasebüü and Doppelschlau, will entrance the children with their stories.


Ort 161 8972 Ramsau am Dachstein
Telephone: +43 (0)3687 21086
Snow Telephone: +43 (0)3687 81833
Email: info@skiregion-ramsau.at
Internet: http://www.skiregion-ramsau.at