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Vacation in Weitra

Weitra received in 1321 the brewery right.
Weitra is the oldest brewery city in Austria, where the Friedrich Schöne granted the brewery right in 1321 to brew beer.

Thanks to the beer the city enjoyed a golden age and around 1645 there were as many as 33 civil breweries as well as a city brewery.

Mountain Sports
The Waldviertelbahn cycle path runs from Groß Gerungs or Langschlag through various villages in the Waldviertel and along the textile factory. The Cycle Route is especially popular with families with children.

Water Sports
The swimming pond Hausschachen lies quietly on the edge of the village, next to the golf course, and has a large lawn, children's pool, water slide and the possibility to rent a Boat.

The major industry of the 19th century.
The Museum Alte Textilfabrik emerged from the major industry of the 19th century. Here were formerly ​​carpets made but the factory also had its own weaving factory.

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