Schweiggers Summer Vacation Schweiggers: 630 meters

Vacation in Schweiggers

Schweiggers is surrounded by untouched nature.
Schweiggers is a market town in the heart of the Waldviertel and is characterized by the many attractions in and around the village.

Around the village, and for example at the source of the River Thaya, you can discover a lot of nature but also the local culture.

Mountain Sports
In addition to various hiking trails and cycle routes, around the village there are three routes for mountain bikers between 13.5 and 28 kilometers in length.

Water Sports
Bade- und Freizeitanlage Pfarrerteich is a beautiful resort with pool and playground. At the colorful recreational park lies the colourfull village, where children from Austria and across the border spend their vacation.

The nice grass labyrinth.
Worth seeing are the Bernhard-Oasis, the rock group Frauenbichl, the parish church, the Meridianstein at Siebenlinden and the nice grass labyrinth not far from the source of the Thaya.

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Tourist information office

Hauptplatz 25 3931 Schweiggers
Telephone: +43 (0)2829 8234

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