Moorbad Harbach

Moorbad Harbach Summer Vacation Moorbad Harbach: 650 meters

Vacation in Moorbad Harbach

Moorbad Harbach lies between natural monuments.
Moorbad Harbach is located between the Nebelstein and the Madlstein. Two natural monuments which, like the village are in the clear and pure air.

The area around the village is characterized by gentle hills, small meadows and fields, in which soon is clear that this landscape is largely formed by farmers.

Mountain Sports
Hiking can be done on about eighty kilometers of well-marked hiking trails through the fragrant forests, rolling hills and along the flowering meadows. The Nebelstein and other rock formations are natural wonders which you can see along the way.

Water Sports
The natural pond offers, besides a lot of fun in the water, also a playground, while the indoor pool among others has a ceramic steam bath. The water temperature is 30 degrees in this adventure pool.

A visit to the Bauernhausmuseum.
If you want to see how farmers have shaped the cultural landscape, how they used to live and which animals they kept, you can visit the Bauernhausmuseum.

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