Gmünd im Waldviertel

Gmünd im Waldviertel Summer Vacation Gmünd im Waldviertel: 507 meters

Vacation in Gmünd im Waldviertel

Gmünd im Waldviertel lies at the Nature Park Blockheide.
Gmünd im Waldviertel has a nice city center, with square and old houses, and is the capital of the district.

Typically is the Nature Park Blockheide, which is directly outside the city, and has a unique piece of nature to offer.

An ideal environment to relax in the summer months, and enjoy all that is beautiful, such as clean air and vast forests.

Mountain Sports
The region is ideal for shorter and longer hikes. Around the town there are five beautiful hiking trails that there are well marked.

Water Sports
The Sole-Felsen-Bad is a beautiful swimming pool, with in addition to a pool, a sauna and various other facilities. The numerous ponds in the region offer moreover opportunities for fishing.

Enjoy the unique nature.
The approximately 105-acre big Nature Park Blockheide, has been around since 1964, and annually attracts more than 120,000 visitors, who want to enjoy its unique nature.

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Tourist information office

Schremser Straße 6 3950 Gmünd
Telephone: +43 (0)2852 52506100

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