Bärnkopf Summer Vacation Bärnkopf: 968 meters

Vacation in Bärnkopf

Bärnkopf is a beautiful vacation destination.
Bärnkopf is located in the center of the largest contiguous forest in Europe. A quiet village, without much traffic, and with excellent air quality.

A beautiful vacation destination for anyone who loves to enjoy vast forests, flora and fauna.

Mountain Sports
In both summer and winter, you can depending on weather, enjoy hiking around the small town in the Weinsbergerwald, or of course enjoy other active outdoor sports.

Water Sports
The Schlesingerteich was built for over a hundred years ago, and is located about 800 meters south of the village. The idyllic location, and excellent water quality, make a day of swimming to an ultimate delight.

The museum Holz Wasser Arbeit.
The museum Holz Wasser Arbeit is a exhibition about living and working in Weinsberger Wald, where loggers for many years are harvesting the wood.

Winter Winter Bärnkopf
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Tourist information office

Nr. 114 3665 Bärnkopf
Telephone: +43 (0)2874 8401
Email: info@waldviertel.at
Internet: http://www.waldviertel.at

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