Arbesbach Summer Vacation Arbesbach: 903 meters

Vacation in Arbesbach

Arbesbach is located in the Waldviertel Hochland.
Arbesbach is a nice village, in the Waldviertel Hochland, and is situated at about 900 meters. It is sometimes affectionately called the gem stone juwel.

An ideal vacation destination, in an untouched nature with soft hills, dark forests and colorful meadows.

Mountain Sports
A wonderful hiking area with hiking trails where you can enjoy the typical landscape of Waldviertel Hochland.

Hiking through dreamy forests and along picturesque streams, with here and there a beautiful granite block.

Water Sports
The swimming pond is located on a approximately 2-acre big meadow, on the eastern edge of the village. The pond has a water area of ​​about 5,600 m².

Fun attractions such as the Bear Forest.
Worth seeing are cute bear forest, the ruins, the Schmiedemuseum with the Hammerschmiede and the natural spectacle Höllfal.

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Tourist information office

Nr 35 3925 Arbesbach
Telephone: +43 (0)2813 7000

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