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Vacation in Rappottenstein

Rappottenstein - Connoisseurs say here actually the Waldviertel really begins.
Rappottenstein is far away from busy roads, and lies in the center of the Waldviertel.

Connoisseurs say here actually the Waldviertel really begins, in a municipality that consists of four villages and 16 hamlets.

Nature provides a particularly attractive landscape with vast forests, lush meadows, healthy streams and magnificent views.

Mountain Sports
The sprawling municipality area is ideal for cycling on many beautiful routes. Also for hikers and mountain bikers, there are many options here.

Water Sports
The Waldbad is a leisure center with various facilities. The artificial swimming lake has a water area of ​​approximately 3,500 square meters, and a maximum depth of 2.5 meters.

The old sawmill is completely restored.
Freilichtmuseum Brettersäge Kirchbach. The old sawmill is completely restored and can be visited. This will give you good insight into how important the processing of wood used to be.

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Tourist information office

Nr 24 3911 Rappottenstein
Telephone: +43 (0)2828 82400
Email: info@waldviertel.at
Internet: http://www.waldviertel.at

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