Gutenbrunn Summer Vacation Gutenbrunn: 858 meters

Vacation in Gutenbrunn

In Gutenbrunn you can smell the freshness and the flowers in the mornings.
Gutenbrunn lies between the mighty giants of the tree Weinsberger forest, as silent and protectors of guards the quaint village.

Here you can smell the freshness and the flowers in the mornings, as the fresh bread from the baker.

A peaceful vacation destination that has much good to offer for a well-deserved vacation.

Mountain Sports
Around the village there are countless opportunities to practice active sports, in which especially for hikers and cyclists beautiful routes are available.

Water Sports
The Edlesbergerteich is a pond, which is approximately three kilometers from the village, somewhat hidden in the forest.

The village is surrounded by a beautiful nature.
Nature is the biggest attraction around the village, and provides a respite for all those have stress in their daily lives.

Winter Winter Gutenbrunn
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Tourist information office

3665 Gutenbrunn
Telephone: +43 (0)2874 62420

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