Moststrasse Summer Vacation

Vacation in Moststrasse

Moststrasse is perfect for an active holiday.
The Moststrasse is not only a beautiful region in the Mostviertel, but also a 200 km long and well-marked route through the beautiful landscapes and along beautiful places.

A region full of activities, and perfect for an active holiday on foot or by bicycle, and which has many cultural highlights to offer.

Villages Region

Ardagger Ardagger Seitenstetten Seitenstetten
Haag Haag St. Pantaleon - Erla St. Pantaleon - Erla
Neuhofen a.d. Ybbs Neuhofen a.d. Ybbs St. Peter i.d. Au St. Peter i.d. Au
Neustadt a.d. Donau Neustadtl a.d. Donau

Mountain Sports
The Moststraße is as a region, but also as walking and cycle path, an ideal destination if you want to spend your holidays actively.

Here you can really enjoy the tranquility and the landscape.

Water Sports
The region has a lot to offer for lovers of water, with some beautiful natural swimming ponds.

For example the three bathing ponds in Hößgang, various bathing beaches on the Danube and several outdoor pools.

Feuerwehrmuseum Haag.
In this museum you will find several gems from the fire world, and the story of the volunteer fire department is definitely worth it.

Winter Winter sports Lower Austria

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