Mostviertel Summer Vacation 400 - 1.000 meters

Vacation in the Mostviertel

The Mostviertel, the region that will seduce you.
The Mostviertel is known as the region that will seduce you. A region also known for enjoying, between the Danube and the beautiful Ötscher. The contrast between the fertile lands in the north and the alpine mountains in the south, are well noticeable, and provides varied explorations of the beautiful landscapes.

Only 120 kilometers from Vienna, bordered by the "Schöne Blaue Donau" (The blue Danube) and the Wachau. Not only used as an ideal base for trips in the surrounding area, but also to explore the Wienerwald in all its beautiful nature.

A landscape with contradictions. So there are 1650 meters altitude difference between the lowest point in Ardagger at the Danube, and the highest point, the 1,893 meter high Ötscher.

The Ötscher is the hallmark of the Mostviertel, alongside the other peaks as the Dürenstein, the Hochkar, the Göller and the Gippel.

Villages Region

Ski Resorts Region

Annaberg Annaberg Annaberg Annaberg
Erlauf Erlauf Helmel Lift Helmel Lift
Gaming Gaming Hochbärneck Hochbärneck
Göstling an der Ybbs Göstling an der Ybbs Hochkar Hochkar
Hochkar Hochkar Königsberg Königsberg
Hollenstein an der Ybbs Hollenstein an der Ybbs Lackenhof - Ötscher Lackenhof - Ötscher
Lackenhof Lackenhof Lunz am See - Maiszinken Lunz am See - Maiszinken
Lilienfeld Lilienfeld Skilifte Puchenstuben Skilifte Puchenstuben
Lunz am See Lunz am See
Michelbach Michelbach
Purgstall an der Erlauf Purgstall an der Erlauf
Ramsau Ramsau
Randegg Randegg
Reinsberg Reinsberg
Ruprechtshofen Ruprechtshofen
Scheibbs Scheibbs
St. Aegyd am Neuwalde St. Aegyd am Neuwalde
St. Anton an der Jeßnitz St. Anton an der Jeßnitz
Texingtal Texingtal
Türnitz Türnitz
Wallsee - Sindelburg Wallsee - Sindelburg
Ybbsitz Ybbsitz

Mountain Sports
A region, that with the Ötscher within its borders, has a mountain world which allows many mountain sports.

Numerous hiking trails, opportunities for climbing, biking and trails for mountain bikers adorn the landscape and provide many benefits moments.

Also Nordic walking and riding by the entire region.

Water Sports
Several possibilities for water sports like swimming and other water sports in the many outdoor and indoor pools that are offered here.

And the region offers extensive opportunities for fishing, but also rafting and water skiing are possible.

The Mostviertel is rich in water, with five major rivers, which have their origin in the mountains, and make their way through the landscape to the Danube, the Enns, the Ybbs, the Erlauf, the Pielach and the Traisen

A world where it is always night.
Ötscher cave. At 575 meters length as a visitor, you will find a world where it is always night.

Impressive rock formations have names like the High Dome, Hall of the fiery tongues or Magic Gang. At the deepest part is a lake, larger than 100 m².

Winter sports Winter Hochkar

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