Mostviertel Sightseeing

Mostviertel Summer Vacation



Ötscher cave. At 575 meters length as a visitor, you will find a world where it is always night. Impressive rock formations have names like the High Dome, Hall of the fiery tongues or Magic Gang. At the deepest part is a lake, larger than 100 m².

Kirche Kirchstetten

The church in Kirchstetten was built around 1100 BC and is located in the old center of Kirchstetten on a hill.

Pinball Museum

The Pinball museum has hundreds of machines in a collection that certainly is the largest collection in Europe. The exhibition includes pieces from 1930 (Bally HOO) to Pinball 2000.

Schloß Goldeg

Visible from far away. Goldegg castle is located on the southeast side of the Dunkelsteinforest (dark stone forest). From afar you recognize the proud construction. Along the street you come to the castle through an arched gate into a spacious courtyard.