Erlauf Summer Vacation 225 meters

Vacation in Erlauf

There are many reasons to feel great in Erlauf.
Markt Erlauf has been for centuries a village that lies on the main road between Vienna and Linz. A nice example is the old post station and of course the beautiful parish church.

A village so with a rich history, but also with numerous facilities for recreation and a nature which is very suitable for hiking or cycling or mountain biking.

The nickname of this charming village is peace municipality. Why that is that you just have to experience yourself!

Mountain Sports
A landscape that has so much to offer you just have to go outside. For example, to find the green salamander during a walk on the Flusslehrpfad

Water Sports
In Erlauf are no opportunities for swimming or other water sports. This is, however, available in the surrounding villages.

De vredesmonumenten.
The peace municipality has more than just a memorial place to rember that i wasn't always peace, but sometimes in te past there was a war going on. In and around the village are several artworks to commemorate peace, so everyone always knows that it was not always peace.

Winter sports Wintersport Hochkar

Tourist information office

Melker Straße 1 3253 Erlauf
Telephone: +43 (0)2757 6221

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