Ybbsitz Summer vacation 414 meters

Vacation in Ybbsitz

Ybbsitz was formerly a center for iron processing.
Ybbsitz is located in the beautiful scenery of the Mostviertel, and was one of the main centers for the processing of iron.

The "black counts", the families who had owned the iron processing, made the village and the region to what it is today. They built forges along the streams, where they hammered iron.

All around Ybbsitz you can still see the traces of the iron processing.

Mountain Sports
The Schmiedemeile is a hiking trail with eight so-called Meilensteinen and other information points where you can still see parts of the story of the transformation of the iron.

Water Sports
The swimming pool not only provides opportunities for swimming, but also massage beds and a slide. Very nice is the natural swimming bay with play beach, and the adjacent playground.

Fahrngruber Hammer, Hammerwerk Eybl and Einöd Hammer.
Sightseeing include Fahrngruber Hammer, Hammer Work Eybl and Einöd Hammer. Three ways to view the old crafts with what the wealth of the village was established.

Winter sports Wintersport Annaberg
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Tourist information office

Markt 24 3341 Ybbsitz
Telephone: +43 (0)7443 853600
Email: office@most4tel.com
Internet: http://www.mostviertel.info

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