Tarrenz Summer Vacation
838 meters

Vacation in Tarrenz

Tarrenz, the witches village.
The inhabitants call the nice village Tarrenz, the witches village.

As a traveler you are actually enchanted by this charming village and its beautiful surroundings.

A typical Tyrolean farmers village, with old barns and old farmhouses that are build close together in the village. Whatever direction you look up, you always see another natural jewel.

Mountain Sports
Tarrenz is situated in a unique location, and therefore offers enormous opportunities for various mountain sports.

For example, walking to Roppen or by the Imster schlucht.

The Starkenberger Beer Myth with Beer Pool. The brewery is over 200 years old, and is housed in a castle.

However, swimming in the beer is not free, and only with preliminary application.

Kneippanlage Frauenbrunnen.
The Radon-rich water is bubbling fresh from the source, water buckets of impregnated natural wood.

For years, this water is known for its healing power, especially for skin problems.

Tourist information office

Johannesplatz 4 6460 Imst
Telephone: +43 (0)5412 69100
Email: info@imst.at
Internet: http://www.imst.at

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