Ötz Ötztal Summer Vacation 820 meters

Vacation in Ötz

The ultimate holiday in the cozy Ötz.
Summer is the best time to spend an ultimate vacation in the nice village Ötz, though of course you can also spend fabulous winter sports in the Oetztal.

Situated amids a beautiful landscape makes the village perfect for a romantic stay for anyone seeking rest and relaxation.

Long walks, cultural highlights and beautiful mountain bike rides in a peaceful mountain landscape.

Oetz is almost perfect situated, compared to the other villages in the Oetztal and near the Almen Region Hochötz.

The lifts to this beautiful area, where in winter countless kilometers of slopes are available, go up just outside the village.

After a ride of eight minutes, you come into a beautiful hiking area with many opportunities, and cozy mountain huts.

But also if you want to go sightseeing during a holiday in Austria, you're really good here, because all the sights in the village, in the surrounding villages, and in the rest of Tyrol, can be reached in a short time.

Mountain Sports
Ötz is centrally located in the Ötztal. By the proximity of the elevator there are vast summer hiking and mountain biking opportunities.

And even if you do not want to take the lift up to Hochötz to walk, then the valley near Oetz has many special hiking trails.

A good example are the hiking trails to the Weller Brücke across the Oetztaler Ache, and to the Piburger See.

Rafting, Canyoning and Paragliding are offered in the village.

A popular sport in the region, paragliding, whereby you can jump from the mountains above the village. The thermics in the Oetztal are particularly good.

The landing zone, and you can also make tandem jumps here, is just outside the village.

Water Sports
Watersports enthusiasts can enjoy the Ötzer Ache. Nearby Piburg gives swimmers the opportunity to swim in the warmest mountain lake of Tyrol, Lake Piburg.

Even a walk around the lake is definitely worth it.

Really recommend is the beautiful outdoor swimming pool, which offers not only stunning views, but also a slide and a playground with wooden equipment.

The Turmmuseum has an impressive collection.
The Turmmuseum is not only known for its collection. The building itself is worth looking at. The old town center is definitely worth a visit.

Incidentally, also Almenregion Hochoetz is an area, you should go see, and very easily reached in just 8 minutes by cable car.

Very nice are several major events in and around the village, such as the Oetztal Classic, where you can admire several old and historic cars, the Oetztal marathon, a long-distance bike ride, and several concerts are held in the center.

Once you enter Oetz, the main street runs through the village, you notice already this surely is a tourist village.

Plenty of shops and cafes, and so very cozy.

Incidentally Oetz has also a very good snack bar, which you can find in front of the Spar.

Winter sports Wintersport Hochoetz

Tourist information office

Hauptstraße 66 6433 Ötz
Telephone: +43 (0)57200 500
Email: oetz@oetztal.com
Internet: http://www.oetz.com

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