oetztal Summer Vacation 670 - 3.249 meters

Vacation in the Oetztal

The Oetztal. has an exceptionally beautiful landscape.
According to the legend, the inhabitants of the Oetztal were a second time in the queue when God handed out beautiful scenery. There is no other explanation why there is so much beauty in this valley to be admired, with so many contradictions.

The Oetztal stretches from the Inn Valley over a length of 67 kilometers in southern direction, and is a long valley, with only a few side valleys..

A very nice destination for summer vacations. in which you will experience no dull moment. The Oetztal region is especially known for the extensive opportunities for hiking and mountain biking. but also has get in the summer months some very large events. such as the Country & Western festival in Sautens. and the Oetztal Radmarathon. with start and finish in Sölden

Moreover, of the Oetztal valley is very central If you in the front of the valley spend your holiday.

You'll quickly and easily get in Innsbruck and Imst for example. while you can make a trip to Italy via the already worth seeing Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road easily from Obergurgl and Sölden.

Incidentally in the summer months the special Glacier bus rides. so you don't have to drive by car the long way. The Timmelsjoch high alpine road. if you want to drive yourself,. is not free!

Villages Region

Ski Resorts Region

Haiming Haiming Obergurgl Hochgurgl Obergurgl Hochgurgl
Längenfeld Längenfeld Hochötz Hochötz
Obergurgl Hochgurgl Obergurgl Hochgurgl Sölden Sölden
Ötz Ötz Umhausen Niederthai Umhausen Niederthai
Sautens Sautens Venter Seilbahnen Venter Seilbahnen
Sölden Sölden
Umhausen Niederthai Umhausen Niederthai

Mountain Sports
The Oetztal is an area that is admirably suited for different types of mountain sports, including hiking, mountain biking and (mountain) climbing. Several hiking and mountain bike trails lead through the valley, and by the presence of various lifts in the summer it is very easy to hike and climb on the mountains. The glacier in Sölden provides some challenge, and a visit is definitely recommended (Finding place Ötzi).

Moreover, there are numerous opportunities for rafting, canyoning and paragliding.

Very impressive are the opportunities to drive up the Timmelsjoch High Alpine Road up per road bike or mountain bike.

As is the bicycle and mountain bike trail that runs through the entire Oetztal

Water Sports
On the Ötzer Ache, in various places rafting and other active water sports are offered.

The Piburger See near Ötz provides the necessary cooling, just like the Stuiben waterfall in Umhausen.

If you really like to be pampered in your holiday, a visit to the Aqua Dome is a very relaxing experience.

Many villages in the holiday region. have a swimming pool.

Especially the swimming pool in Ötz, is a nice place, with a fantastic view. and the pool has a playground and a slide.

The pool in Sautens is a bit older, however, certainly no less enjoyable. and there are plans to renew during the construction of a new golf course in Sautens, and that will be a new flagship for the Oetztal.

Alpelino Top TIP - The Ultimate Outdoor Playground Area 47.
The Ultimate Outdoor Playground.

Adventure, Sport and Entertainment. Area 47 is an adventure-playground of spectacular size.

The park is located at the beginning of the Oetztal, in the municipalities Sautens, Roppen and Häming, and is accessible. Directly at the entrance of the Oetztal, through the exit Area 47,

More information about Area 47

Winter sports Wintersport Sölden

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