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Area 47 - Alpelino Top TIP

The Ultimate Outdoor Playground. Adventure, Sport and Entertainment. Area 47 is an adventure-playground of spectacular size. More information about this Alpelino Top TIP


The Timmelsjoch 'Hochalpenstrasse' goes trough Hochgurgl to the borders with South Tyrol at a height of 2509 meter. This High Alpine Road is a natural phenomenon and definitely worth seeing.

Hohler Stein

The Hohle Stein (hollow brick) near Vent (2050 meter altitude) is a hunting and pastoral settlement from the Stone Age (8 to 4 thousand years BC).

Turmmuseum Ötz

The building itself is worth seeing, but the museum has a collection of high standards.

Ötzi village

This archaeological park of 9000 square meters, shows the living conditions in the Oetztal in which The Iceman Ötzi lived.

Geo Nature Traild

This geological trail is specially created for young people, to give insight into the geology of the Alps and the living conditions for plants, animals and humans.

Finding place Ötzi

On September 19, 1991 near the Similaun Glacier the mummy was found at 3200 meters altitude. The place is quite easy to reach with the summer lift, and a piece on foot.

Stuiben waterfall

An impressive waterfall, with a fall of 150 meters. In the winter you can ice climb the frozen waterfall.

Lake Piburg

The mirror of the mountains. That is the appropriate nickname of the Piburger See. It is the largest lake in the Oetztal, and the warmest lake of Tyrol.

Center Ötz

The center of Ötz largely remained in original state, despite the many building projects in recent years. Definitely worth a visit.