Ski Resorts Slovenia

Ski Resorts Slovenia

The ski resorts in Slovenia are no longer as they were previously known. Today, the ski areas can optimally match the known ski resorts in the countries within Europe, while you still can enjoy the benefits of skiing without crowds of tourists.

Furthermore, the ski resorts in Slovenia offer a lot for less money, because the prices are definitely lower!

Central Slovenia Central Slovenia Gorenjska Gorenjska Goriška Goriška
Koroška Koroška Podravska Podravska Notranjsko-Kraška Notranjsko-Kraška
Savinjska Savinjska Southeast Slovenia Southeast Slovenia

Central Slovenia

Dole pri Litiji Dole pri Litiji Šentjošt nad Horjulom Šentjošt nad Horjulom
Kandrše Kandrše Ulovka Ulovka
Mrzla dolina Mrzla dolina Velika planina Velika planina
Osovje Osovje


Kobla Kobla Soriška planina Soriška planina
Kranjska Gora Kranjska Gora Španov vrh Španov vrh
Krvavec Krvavec Stari vrh Stari vrh
Macesnovc Macesnovc Straža Bled Straža Bled
Rudno Rudno Vogel Vogel
Senožeta Senožeta Zelenica Zelenica


Cerkno Cerkno Kanin - Bovec - Sella Nevea Kanin - Bovec - Sella Nevea
Javornik Javornik Vojsko Vojsko


Bukovnik Bukovnik Poseka Poseka
Crna na Koroškem Crna na Koroškem Ribniško Pohorje Ribniško Pohorje
Ivarcko-Ošven Ivarcko-Ošven Rimski vrelec Rimski vrelec
Kope - Ribniško Pohorje Kope - Ribniško Pohorje


Mariborsko Pohorje Mariborsko Pohorje Trije Kralji Trije Kralji


Kalic Kalic Svišcaki Svišcaki


Celjska koca Celjska koca Logarska dolina Logarska dolina
Golte Golte Rogla Rogla

Southeast Slovenia

SC Bela SC Bela