Ammergau Alps

Ammergauer Alpen
Ammergauer Alpen: 835 meters

Vacation in the Ammergauer Alpen

The Ammergau Alps in Bavaria.
The region Ammergau Alps in Bavaria lies near the border with Austria.

On the north the area is bordered by the Wettersteiner Alps and the Mieminger Kette, while on the east and south the Bavarian Alps and the Lechtal Alps can be admired.

A region where you can enjoy the mountains, wildflower meadows and the typical Bavarian way of life.

Moreover, this holiday region is very diverse and presents huge alternating leisure offerings.

Here you can find the time to relax, but also the time to actively spend one or more days while you can once again enjoy a beautiful landscape, and local delicacies.

Mountain Sports
A region where you can enjoy several fine moments, which which you will not easily forget.

Wonderful and challenging hiking, mountain biking, mountain climbing and various other mountain sports.

Water Sports
Through the region, there are several smaller lakes, where life is good, and you still can really enjoy the water.

Also the Ammer and the Maulenbach offer, especially for fishermen, several possibilities.
Gretel Heim.
Lüftmalerei. Through the surrounding region at various places works by Franz Seraph Zwinck are shown.

For example the Pilathaus, the Hansel and Gretel Heim, the Forsthaus, the Musldomerhaus and Verlegerhaus "Laong Selig Erben'.

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