Hohe Salve Mountainbike

Ferienregion Hohe Salve Summer Vacation

Biking Hopfgarten

Hopfgarten _ Jägerhaus (Nr 206)
From the Parking Salvena along the Bundesstraße to Haslau. At the saw works right over the bridge. After the bridge left to Gruberberg. Direction Kinzlinger Alm, the Scharlingalm and Jägerhausl. Near Gasthof Jägerhausl left to Lendwirt and return to the starting point.

Hopfgarten - Kurzer Grund (Nr 225)
Nice route on tarmac roads.

Hopfgarten - Langer Grund (Nr 226)
Nice route on tarmac roads and forest roads. About pastures, along Jausenstation and guesthouses.

Baumgartenalm (Nr 208)
From the Parking Salvena along the Bundesstraße direction Westendorf. After the underpass (Start Hopfgartnerforrest), turn right in to the Windautal to Lendwirt and Gasthof Jägerhäusl. At the Mauthouse straight on to Gasthof Steinberghaus, Jausenstation Gamskogelhütte and the Baumgartenalm. Back along the same route to the starting point.

Glantersberg (Nr 227)
Route on asphalt roads, with increases up to 14%.

Biking Itter

Hopfgarten - Rigi - Kraftalm
From the village square follow the road to Hopfgarten. Along Rest. Salvena to the valley station of the lift. Right and follow the yellow signs "Rigi, Hohe Salve". Along the midway station of the lift and Gasthof Tenn. At the intersection turn left, and after a short descent again another steep climb. Then quickly down and you come to Gasthof Rigi. The descent is along the Slopes to the Kraftalm, and then on the road back to Itter.

Biking Mariastein

Route Trans Kitzbüheler Alpen
This four-day MTB Festival is held around Mariastein, in the Kitzbüheler Alps.

TransKitzAlp Day 1.
Starting altitude: 790 meters
time: ± 4:00 hours
height difference: 1.450 meters
Routenumber: 337/21/229

TransKitzAlp Day 2
Starting altitude: 783 meters
time: ± 4:00 hours
height difference: 950 meters
Routenumber: 227/21/206

TransKitzAlp Day 3
Starting altitude: 761 meters
time: ± 5:00 hours
height difference: 1.000 meters
Routenumber: 209/210/257/255

TransKitzAlp Day 4
Starting altitude: 659 meters
time: ± 6:30 hours
height difference: 2.000 meters
Routenumber: 255/254/71/18/263

Biking Wörgl

Möslalm - Pfaffenberg
Beautiful and not too heavy route (± 45 minutes). The middle part is the hardest.