Hohe Salve Hiking

Ferienregion Hohe Salve Summer Vacation

Hiking Angath

Fürth - Mariastein
time: ± 30 45 Minuts
medium route
Along forests and through Angath and Angerberg Haslach to Mariastein.

Fürth - Angerberg Unholzen
easy route
On a forrestroad to Angerberg.

Rondwandeling Fürth
time: ± 20 - 25 Minuts
easy route
From the chapel in Fürth through the "Untere Fürthrunde" or the "Oberen Fürthrunde".

Hiking Hopfgarten

time: ± 8 hours
medium route
From the Hohe Salve the way goes through Hochbrixen to Jochstub'n and on to Brandstadl and the Hartkaiser, and ultimately the Astberg in Going.

Hike around the Hohe Salve
time: ± 3 hours
medium route
From Berggasthof Rigi (you can go up with the summerlift), the walk goes around the Hohe Salve. Along the Forstweg to the end of the forest. Further on into the mountain meadows to the Mountain Station of the Foischinglift. Keep left to Keat Alm and (always keep left) to the Rigibahn. Return with the lift or walk back to the Kälberalm, Gasthof Tenn and back along the Salvenbergweg to Hopfgarten.

Castle View
Wandeltijd ± 3 hours
easy route
Through Hacha, Schlossblick, Itter, Badlwiedenweg and back to Hopfgarten.

Aunerhof / Lendwirt
time: ± 4 hours
medium route
Along the Lindrainweg, go right into the Brixentalstraße. Along the climb Rachleit and Talerbauer, turn right to the Aunerhof / Lendwirt. Return tot Hopfgarten Through the Windautal.

time: ± 5 hours
medium route
From Hopfgarten to Penningsberg, en then through Haag, the Haagalm, the Höhenbrandalm to Kelchsau. Walk back tot Hopfgarten, or take the bus.

Hiking Itter

Itter - Hohe Salve
time: ± 7 hours
medium route
From the village square in direction Gasthof Schlossblick, through Laiming en by Schorn and the Grünholzalm up to Rigi Gasthof. From here there are 2 possibilities:
You can follow the Summer walk around the top of the Hohe Salve.
Direct from Gasthof Rigi to the top of the Hohe Salve.

Itter - Hopfgarten
time: ± 1,5 hours
medium route
From the village square along the Lindweg and Hacha to Hopfgarten, back using the same route.

time: ± 45 Minuts
easy route
From the village square (next to Gasthof Ittererwirt) left into the Rozenweg, and then through Dörfl, the Itterer Straße and back to the village square.

time: ± 4 hours
medium route
From the village square towards Söll. Turn right at the firedepartment (Schwendterweg). After ± 25 minutes right and through Barmerberg to Nieding (Hof) and back using the same route.

Itter - Söll - Itter
time: ± 3 hours
easy route
From the village square along the Itter Straße direction Söll. At the firedepartment into the Schwendterweg and through Denggenhof (cross the Bundesstraße) to Söll, and back using the same route.

Hiking Kelchsau

Kelchsau - Neue Bamberger Hütte
This is a Daytrip
medium route
To the Zwieselbrücke (± 2 kilometer from Kelchsau). Left on the bridge to the Kurzen Grund, through Buchauer Alm, Jagdhütte and the reservoir to Berggasthof Wegscheid. From here through several hairpin bends to the Neue Hütte Bamberger. You can walk back the same route, or by car / bus.

Hiking Mariastein

time: ± 1 - 1,5 hours
easy route
From the Pilgrimage Church of Mariastein, the walk goes on an uneven trail (part asphalt) to the Stone chapel in Embach.