Kirchbichl Ferienregion Hohe Salve Summer Vacation
820 - 2.494 meters

Vacation in Kirchbichl

Kirchbichl offers a romantic and nostalgic atmosphere.
Far away from mass tourism, everyone who enjoys long walks and the healthy functioning of the Moor bathing lake, discovers ideal conditions.

The events are very well taken care of and have an international interest. Like the enchanted Christmas fair with a romantic and nostalgic atmosphere.

Mountain Sports
The area around Kirchbichl is known for its many mountain sports.

Like the hikingroute to the Ice cave Hundlalm. For Mountain biking, there are several possible routes.

Water Sports
Of course there are nearby opportunities for rafting and kayaking, real water sports in the village, takes place in and around the Moor bathing lake.

Moor bathing lake.
The village is primarily known for its Moor bathing lake.

The hot water from this source contains sulfuric acid and has a healing effect.

Furthermore, various activities for children are organized and long walks in the beautiful nature are recommended.

Tourist information office

Infobüro: Ulricusstraße 1 6322 Kirchbichl
Telephone: +43 (0)5332 87151