Rattenberg Summer Vacation
520 meter Hoogte

Vacation in Rattenberg

Rattenberg is the smallest town in Austria.
Rattenberg and Radfeld, are traditional, and many tourists come every year to spend the holidays here, or come here for at least a day.

The pedestrian center from the Middle Ages is the main attraction of the nice and friendly town, with many craftsmen and glass and crystal shops.

The Augustiner monastery also contains one of the most important museums in Austria.

Mountain Sports
Around Rattenberg there are obviously, different mountain sports possible. The village also has some unique sports and leisure activities.

Eg Modellflugplatz Radfeld, where you can see small and larger aircraft
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Water Sports
Swimming is possible in the surrounding villages, and lakes, such as Lake Reith, the Krummsee and Reintalersee. Also rafting and kayaking is possible in several places.

With the annual Schlossbergspielen and authentic Rattenberger Advent the town is the cultural center in the region.

In any case, a visit to this charming town is absolutely recommended. With christmas or in the summer.

Do not forget to visit the Augustiner Museum and Glasbläserei Kisslinger.

Tourist information office

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