Trattenbach - Feistritzsattel Summer Vacation
700 - 1.100 meters

Vacation in Trattenbach - Feistritzsattel

Trattenbach is located between the large Ottersberg and Hochwechselmassive.
Trattenbach - Feistritzsattel lies far from hectic and stress, between the large Ottersberg and Hochwechselmassive, in the middle of a peaceful nature with many forests and healthy air.

Yet the village is just 1 hour from Vienna.

Mountain Sports
Because the village is located in a beautiful nature, the region around the village is also very popular with hikers and cyclists who like to enjoy nature and the hills during one of the many possible hikes or bike rides.

Water Sports
In the region around the village are also some possibilities offered for some water sports such as fishing.

Geopark Feistritztal - Hochwechsel.
Geopark Feistritztal - Hochwechsel is the largest Geopark of Austria, including 175 km hiking trails.

Winter Winter Trattenbach - Feistritzsattel

Tourist information office

Hauptplatz 12 2870 Aspang
Telephone: +43 (0)2642 52470

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