Ferienland Kufstein Hiking

Ferienland Kufstein Summer Vacation

Hiking Ebbs

St Nikolausweg
Start: Centrum Ebbs
Time: ± 2 hours
Height Difference: ± 111 meter
This route is suitable for children.

Pfandlhof im Kaisertal
Start: Kaisertalaufstieg Ebbs-Eichelweg
Time: ±50 minutes
Height Difference: ± 318 meter
This route is suitable for children.

Hiking Kufstein

Vier Seeen Wanderung
Height Difference ± 56 meter
From the viewpoint of Kufstein Morsbach this walk takes about 4 hours. Also suitable for children.

Height Difference ± 227 meter
From Gasthaus Neuwirt, this walk takes approximately 2 hours. Also suitable for children.

Hiking Niederndorf

Start: Niederndorf
Length: 2 kilometer
Time: ± 1 hour
To the pilgrimage church Mariahilf.

Hiking Thierseetal

From the Passionsspielhaus walk toward the lake. You can taste the atmosphere used for shooting various films around the Thiersee and in the valley, and the walk takes you through various shooting spots.