Kufstein Summer Vacation
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Vacation in Kufstein

The fortified town Kufstein.
The fortified town Kufstein, near the Kaiser Mountains, offers the ideal combination of culture and relaxation for a perfect holiday.

By meadows, forests and lakes surrounded at the foot of the Kaiser Mountains.

The charm and appeal of this city are marked by many contradictions.

Hundreds of years old culture and history, and an impressive nature.

An exciting summer with lots of culture, together with nature and relaxation makes your holiday an unforgettable experience.

Mountain Sports
Relaxation and plenty of variety, hikers find in the countryside around the city, for example in the nature reserve in the Kaiser Mountains.

Of course, cyclists and mountain bikers also enjoy this beautiful nature, while there are also plenty of opportunities for other mountain sports.

Water Sports
Around Kufstein are various opportunities for swimming and enjoying the water.

For example, in the lakes Hechtsee, Pfrillsee, Stimmersee and Längsee.

Also the local swimming pool offers many opportunities, such as alongside swimming, a large water slide, children's pool and a beach volleyball court.

The old town center.
The old town center is very nice, with old buildings and modern shops.

Authentic, with the fortress always above you, while you can also enjoy culinary delights and local.

A special experience is the Tyrolean Schaglashütte, from Riedel Glass.

Tourist information office

Unterer Stadtplatz 8 6330 Kufstein
Telephone: +43 (0)5372 62207
Email: info@kufstein.com
Internet: http://www.kufstein.com

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