Halblech - Buching - Trauchgau Summer Vacation
800 - 1.140 meters

Vacation in Halblech - Buching - Trauchgau

Halblech lies at the beginning of the Allgäu.
Halblech is located at the beginning of the Allgäu, when coming from the north.

A centrally located holiday destination, just 10 minutes drive from the royal castles of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau.

Incidentally, the municipality comprises a total of 32 villages and hamlets.

It is seen as the gateway to one of the most beautiful natural areas in the wider region, nature resort Ammergebirge, that you should definitely go see if you stay here.

Mountain Sports
Green meadows, gentle hills with a view of majestic mountains, and a wide valley.

Plenty of opportunities to see this mountainous landscape up close, such as during walking and cycling trips.

Water Sports
Although the municipality is not immediately known for its water sports, there are in the surrounding villages several possibilities for swimming.

Nature resort Ammergebirge.
Next to the many smaller attractions that can be viewed anywhere in the region and municipality, you certainly must go for a quiet walk through the very beautiful nature resort Ammergebirge.

Tourist information office

Bergstr. 2a 87642 Buching-Halblech
Telephone: +49 (0)8368 285
Email: tourismus@ostallgaeu.de
Internet: http://www.ostallgaeu.de

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