Seeg Summer Vacation
854 meters

Vacation in Seeg

Seeghas an exceptional location.
Seeg is a peaceful destination.

An exceptional location in the Allgäu Alps where you can still enjoy the old fashioned way.

Around the village are numerous attractions.

Mountain Sports
A region that is especially suited for the so-called soft mountain sports.

With very beautiful hiking trails, beautiful bike trails, and of course challenging trails for mountain bikers.

Water Sports
The bathing beach am Schwaltenweiher with a flat shore is suitable for swimmers and non-swimmers.

The water is of high quality.

A rich history.
The region has, thanks to the last King of Bavaria, a rich history.

Which you can see today still at the castles and many other attractive buildings, but also at the many festivals, such as the Oktoberfest.

Tourist information office

Hauptstraße 33 87637 Seeg
Telephone: +49 (0)8364 983033

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