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Swarovski Kristalwelten.

Let yourself be enchanted by the exhibition of various crystal items. The miracle room displays all facets of crystal, colors and shapes. Swarovski is known worldwide as the leading producer of crystal objects, and is one of the most purchased souvenirs in Tyrol.

Basilika Absam

In a farmhouse on 17 januar 1797 the statue of Mary appeared in a window. For years, scientists have sought the secret behind to fathom without any result. After much pressure from the population, the statue is placed in the church on the right altar. The Basilica Maria Absam for many believers is a place of solace and hope. The major celebrations are January 17 and June 24, the day of St. John.

Raadhuis Hall

Count Heinrich von Görz Tyrol (1295 - 1335), briefly King of Bohemia, called his castle in the town of Hall his royal house. Later the Habsburg duke Leopold IV donated in 1406 the house to the city. After the 1447 fire the town hall had to be rebuilt completely. For the most part, the town hall have been preserved in this style. Viewing is only available during office hours.

Salzlager - Hall

Until the end of the saltmining (1967), the building served as a salt storage. Now the building is used as exhibition space.

Haller Altstadt

Hall is over 700 years old. By the salt mines Hall was already in the Middle Ages a 'rich' city, and with a lot of effort the historical old town is preserved in almost original condition. Definitely worth a visit.

Rätersiedlung Himmelreich

One of the major excavations of Tyrol. Here you can clearly see how the people in this region lived 2000 years ago.