Osttirol Hiking

Osstirol Summer Vacation

Hiking Anras

Time: 4 hours
Direction east along the Pustertaler Höhenstraße until intersection Oberried. At the end of the village along the Forstweg direction north-east. Along the Kristeinerbach to the end of the valley. Along the marked road direction north-west and upwards, and along the Kristeinerbach to the Sichelsee.

Celar - Anras
Time: 2,5 hours
From Anras along Oberried to the Kristeinertal. At the road Kristeinertal left to Celar.

Hiking Heinfels

Time: ± 30 minutes
Length: 1 kilometer
From Panzendorf along the Draupromenade to the Tassenbach / Sillian.

Kolechner Kaser - Heinfels
Time: ± 2 hours
Length: 3 kilometer
From Panzendorf, along Rabland, the Kolechner Hof, to Gschwendter Kaser.

Hiking Hopfgarten in Defereggen

Im Reich des Apollos
The route runs along the butterfly meadows on the sunny side of Hopfgarten. Beautiful and definitely recommended hike.

Panoramaweg Hopfgarten
time: ± 2,5 hours
easy route
From Rajach-Schwaigerhof to Glanzalm.

Hopkarten - Plon Antoniuskirchl
From the church in the center. At the Volksschule on the Dammweg and through Auen Tümpfl and sportfields to the Antoniuskirchl.

Hiking Kartitsch

Gailtaler Höhenweg
Route 229
On the sunny side of the Lienz Dolomites.

Hiking Obertilliach

The Grenzland-Wanderweg runs mainly through shady forests, along streams and is the connection between Kartitsch, Obertilliach and Untertilliach.

Hiking Sillian

Time: ± 2 hours
Route: Nr 1.
Sunny walk along the right bank of the Drava in direction Arnbach. Cross the Bundesstraße direction Arnbach, the church zur Drava and the border.

Hiking Strassen

Strassen - Abfaltern - Strassen
Time: ± 2 hours
Length: 4 kilometer
From Strassen along Bichl and Einöd to Abfaltern.

Time: ± 45 minutes
Length: 1 kilometer
From Strassen along a forestroad to St. Oswald / Kartitsch.

Strassen - Schönfeld - Strassen
Time: ± 3 hours
Length: 5 kilometer
From Strassen along Bichl to the Schönfeld-Alm.

Hiking St. Jakob in Defereggen

Blumenweg "Oberseite"
The walk along the pathway Flowers Oberseite St. Jakob provides insight into the many colors of the alpine plants.

Deferegger Hüttenwanderung
time: ± 6 hours
easy route
From the Staller Sattel to the Brugger Alm, along Hirchbichl, Blindisalm, Alpe Straße, Jesach and Ragötzl.

time: ± 2,5 hours
medium route
From Mountain Station Mooserberglift on a marked road, sometimes steep.

Barmer Hütte
time: ± 3 hours
medium route
From Patsch through the Patscher Valley to the Barmer Hütte.

Ede - Seespitzhütte
time: ± 2,5 hours
easy route
From the church to Gasthof Unterrain. Along the Cemetery and uphill along the road to Ede and on to the Seespitzhütte.

Hiking St. Veit in Defereggen

Gritzer Rundwanderweg
time: ± 1 hour
easy route
From the village square along the Gemeindestraße to "Prozent-Boden". Here on the Forstweg to the "Ranze" and back along the Gemeindestraße.

time: ± 4 hours
easy route
Through the Gemeindestraße to Oberholz and along the Forststraße to Jausenstation Speikbodenhütte. To the Zischke Alm, the weather cross and the Speikboden.

time: ± 1 hour
easy route
At the stream just before the Bruggeralm the road turns to the Ragötzlalm.

Gritzer See
medium route
Through the Gritzer Alm and follow the hiking trail until the junction Gritzer Hörndl. After a ± 30 minutes walk you get to three beautiful mountain lakes.

Berger Wanderweg
time: ± 45 Minutes
easy route
From Bruggen. Nice walk through the forest.