Events Paznaun - Ischgl

Ferienregion Paznaun - Ischgl Summer Vacation

Events Paznauntal Ischgl

The region Paznauntal, is a famous holiday destination, so here come quite a lot of tourists.

In the winter months, especially Ischgl is very popular because of the snow conditions, and because of the Top of the Mountain concerts.

Concerts organized at the opening of the ski season, at the closing of the season, and with Easter.

Typically, the site of concerts, right on the slopes where the entrance is free, provided you have a ski pass.

These are also not just concerts, because Ischgl is famous for the big names, as in the past, Pink, Tina Turner, and so on.

Also the other events are of great size.

For example Formen in Weiß, with international artists in the winter, who make sculptures of snow.

Of course not only major events in winter.

In the summer also, because there are also a variety of events, such as at the end of June the Ischgl Cart Trophy, mid-July the Silvretta Run 3000, at the end of July the Ischgl Ironbike, and several smaller events.

In the other villages, the events are not as big, and some more on a smaller scale, but very nice, where there are several events for children.

More information about the events, you naturally get from the local Tourism Association.