Ybbs Summer Vacation
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Vacation in Ybbs

Ybbs - On the Danube, close to the Waldviertel.
Ybbs lies very nice on the Danube, not far from the Waldviertel and the region around the Ötscher. An ideal destination for anyone who loves the wooded region, or wants to enjoy the Danube.

Also the picturesque center is a real crowd pleaser, with the beautiful architecture from the time of the Babenberger.

But, especially the banks of the Danube, and the beautiful hiking and biking trails along the blue river, are very popular with tourists.

Mountain Sports
A region that is particularly popular with hikers and cyclists, who come here in the spring and summer to enjoy the easy hiking trails and beautiful cycling routes, where the Waldviertel is known for.

Water Sports
The indoor pool, with 25-meter pool of stainless steel, is one of the many water sports opportunities in the area around the village. Also very nice is the swimming pond Oberleitner, which is open from May to September.

Bicycle museum and the city museum.
Two nice museums. The bicycle museum, where you can experience the history of the bicycle and the city museum with a unique collection of objects.

Tourist information office

Hauptplatz 1 3370 Ybbs
Telephone: +43 (0)7412 52612
Email: info.yw@wvnet.at
Internet: http://www.waldviertel.at

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