Ysper - Weitental Sightseeing

Ferienregion Ysper - Weitental Summer Vacation



Experience the exciting journey through the history of the bicycle, and see the unique exhibition in the historic building in which this great museum is housed.

The collection ranges of wooden balance bikes and high bikes to spectacular high tech gadgets and inventions.

Hammerschmiede - Leimerschmiede

The Hammerschmiede or Leimerschmiede of Primus Hader, in which until 1973 a blacksmith was located, and where you can see old tools for logging, farming, and of course tools for the blacksmith.

Donaukraftwerk Ybbs - Persenbeug

The power plant in the Danube can be visited. The tour lasts approximately one hour, and only after notification at the municipality Persenbeug Gottsdorf on telephone +43 (0)7412 52206.