Anras Summer Vacation
900 - 1.261 meters

Vacation in Anras

Anras is entirely in common with nature.
Anras is at the Pustertaler Höhenstraße entirely in common with nature.

This is the real summer freshness that you sometimes see in a travel magazine.

Holidays in this charming village, is enjoying the simple life and beautiful nature in which humans and animals have survived together.

Mountain Sports
The region is known as hiking area, on beautiful and well-marked roads. For example, on the hiking trail to the Spitzenstein or the Sichelsee.

Water Sports
For various types of water sports, you won't find any opportunities in Anras. In the surrounding area are several pools and fishing opportunities.

Schloß Anras.
Heinfels Schloß and Schloß Anras. Both castles have an illustrious history.

Other attractions include the Kornkasten Carpe Diem, and churches Filialkirche zum Hl. Geist Kirche in Ried and Asch "Mary Ascension".

Tourist information office

Gemeindehaus 86 9920 Silian
Telephone: +43 (0)50 212300

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