Hochpustertal Summer Vacation
1.100 - 2.400 meters

Vacation in the Hochpustertal

The Hochpustertal stretches of Bressanone in South Tyrol to Lienz in East Tyrol
The Hochpustertal in East Tyrol lies between the Villgrater Mountains, the Carinthian Alps and the Lienz Dolomites.

It stretches of Bressanone in South Tyrol to Lienz in East Tyrol, and in both countries, the valley is seen as a high valley.

A wonderful region for an almost perfect summer vacation in a piece of unique and unspoiled nature, with wild rivers, beautiful flowering meadows and mighty peaks.

The region is also very centrally located.

Especially families will feel right at home, thanks to the special family programs offered here.

Mountain Sports
The Hochpustertal valley is a not yet exposed to mass tourism part of Tyrol, which has great potential in the field of mountaineering.

Here you can still enjoy the mountains as they were originally. With numerous hiking and biking trails.

Water Sports
Watersports are offered anywhere in the Alps.

In Eastern Tyrol they offer you the enjoyment of water.

So there are ample opportunities for fishing, for example in reservoir Tassenbach-Strassen.

In Sillian there is a magnificent indoor pool, which has all modern conveniences.

Hundred mills.
The Lesachtal was formerly the valley of one hundred mills.

Today in Maria Luggau there are five surviving mills, which are contiguous and are driven with the same water. In the Summer there are demonstrations every week.

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