Heinfels Summer Vacation
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Vacation in Heinfels

Heinfels is surrounded by romantic mountains.
Heinfels is, with the villages Tessenberg and Panzendorf, surrounded by romantic mountains.

The castle is called the queen of the Pustertal, and dominates the village and its surroundings, and is lovingly surrounded by the houses.

Mountain Sports
Around Heinfels are various walking trails, but also cycling routes and trails for mountain bikers offered.

There are also special trails for Nordic walking.

Water Sports
In the holiday region Hochpustertal are nice pools, and many opportunities for fly fishing.

The Antoniuskirchlein.
Attractions include the Antoniuskirchlein, Kirche zum Hl. John, the St. Peter's Church, the Punbrugge, Burg-Ruine Schloss and the beautiful Kapelle zur Heiligen Familie.

Tourist information office

Gemeindehaus 86 9920 Silian
Telephone: +43 (0)50 212300
Email: hochpustertal@osttirol.com
Internet: http://www.osttirol.com

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