Strassen Summer Vacation
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Vacation in Strassen

Strassen offers lots of recreation and trips.
Strassen is the special holiday, where you actually were looking for all this time.

Favourable prices and a beautiful environment with lots of recreation and trips.

An area that is not only perfect for a family holiday, but also for those seeking an active holiday.

Mountain Sports
The region around Strassen, is an ideal area for various sports such as Nordic walking, hiking, mountain climbing, cycling and mountain biking.

Water Sports
Fishing, swimming and other water sports are in the larger villages in the region possible.

Naturschaupfad and reservoir Tassenbach.
It is a protected nature resort. A 2 km long nature trail with descriptive signs around the reservoir.

Tourist information office

Gemeindehaus 86 9920 Silian
Telephone: +43 (0)50 212300

Surrounding Villages
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