Kaiserwinkl Mountainbike

Ferienregion Kaiserwinkl Summer Vacation

Mountainbike Kössen

From Hotel Sonneck, after 200 meter on the Bundesstraße direction Walchsee, right in the Kaiserwinkl-Radwanderweg. Along the farm Riedl until the Hallburckhof. Right in the Forstweg to the Haueralm.

Unterberg - Bärenhütte
At the valley station of the Bergbahnen along the Leukental Radwanderweg. Turn left and partially on the rapidly increasing Forstweg along the Scheibenwaldhütter to the Bärenhütte.

From Kössen - Loferberg, 150 meter after the bus stop left in the Forstweg. 2.3 kilometers to the Klausenberg (moderate increase). Turn left and after ± 3.7 kilometers across the border to the Klusenbergalm and Blindau-Reit im Winkl.

Mountainbike Rettenschöss

From Cafe Praschberger Northbound direction Moor Schwemm and along the golf course Moarhof. At the junction turn right to Rettenschöss and in the village right through Greidern until Gasthof Schöne Aussicht. Along the Forstweg to the Wandberghütte or the Bürgeralm (road 42).

Mountainbike Schwendt

Kohlental - Griesenau
Beautiful and challenging route, not too difficult. Also suitable for less experienced mountain bikers.

Bichlbach - Leitwang
Direction Mühlau. At the bridge to the Aufschnaithof. After the Hof right direction Bichlbach. At the Bachangerhof right to the Golf Course and Saw Mill. Behind the mill to Leitwand. In Egerdachhof right direction Kreuzginz. Cross the street and back through Unterschwendt.

Mountainbike Walchsee

Habersau - Feldalm
About the Hauptstraße direction Kössen to Seehotel Brunner. Turn right along Gasthof Essbaum, across the bridge to the intersection Weissenbachhof. Here left and after 100 meter right direction Raineralm. 3.5 kilometers along the Weissbach and after a short climb to the Raineralm. Continue 3.5 kilometers on slightly rising meadows. The last 3 kilometers to the Feldalm are rapidly increasing, and require a good condition.

Bundesstraße direction Kufstein to the Spar, turn left past the tennis courts. ± 1 kilometer direction Lippenalm to the parking lot, turn right towards Gwirchtalm. On the alm direction Habersauertal and to the Raineralm , along Weissenbach back to Walchsee.