Mölten Summer Vacation 1.000 - 2.000 meters

Vacation in Mölten

Mölten lies on the Tsögglberg.
Mölten is located high above Bolzano on the Tsögglberg between mountain meadows on one of the most beautiful high plains of South Tyrol.

A region full of lush pastures and meadows, rugged mountains and hospitable people.

Mountain Sports
Mölten is a quiet village, which is a known as a hiker's paradise, especially for fans of the very beautiful nature.

Water Sports
The Südtirols Süden region has several outdoor pools, with good facilities and good infrastructure, where you can enjoy the water to the fullest.

Hochseilgarten Hetz.
Hochseilgarten Hetz is a fun park for the whole family. Feel like a hero, who climbs the ropes and logs.

Winter sports Winter Rittner Horn

Tourist information office

39010 Mölten
Telephone: +39 0471 668282
Email: info@suedtirols-sueden.info
Internet: http:/www.suedtirols-sueden.info

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