Reschen Summer Vacation 1.500 meters

Vacation in Reschen

Reschen is located at a height that is healthy.
The name Reschen, comes from an old farm, and was lovingly given to the nearby village and the Reschenpass.

A delightful setting, at a height that is healthy for body and mind, and will offer you a sunny holiday.

Mountain Sports
In total there are more than 385 kilometers of hiking trails in the region around Reschen.

And at these trails you can especially enjoy the beautiful nature.

Water Sports
Naturally, there are also opportunities for water sports in the region, as in the pool in Sulden.

Haideralm and the Reschenpass.
The region has several attractions, but the biggest attraction is the region around the Haideralm and the Reschenpass.

Winter sports Winter Schöneben

Tourist information office

Hauptstr. 61, 39027 Graun
Telephone: +39 (0)473 633101

Surrounding Villages
Haideralm - St. Valantin, Reschenpass Haideralm - St. Valantin, Reschenpass Latsch - Tarscher Alm Latsch - Tarscher Alm Schlanders - Laas Schlanders - Laas Schluderns Schluderns