St. Gertraud

St. Gertraud Summer Vacation 1.519 meters

Vacation in St. Gertraud

St. Gertraud is located at over 1,500 meters.
The mountain village of St. Gertraud is the highest village in the Ultental.

At over 1,500 meters above sea level you are greeted by the lovely little church, where you already more than 700 years have a wonderful view.

Mountain Sports
Around St. Gertraud is a region with very beautiful walks, for example, in the Stelvio National Park, or to the very nice Weißbrunnsee.

Water Sports
For some water sports, this region is a perfect holiday destination, with some really nice pools, such as the Bad Überwasser, with good facilities.

Nationalparkhaus Lahnersäge.
The Lahnersäge is hundreds of years old, and the saw mill where the farmers from the Ultental previously brought their wood.

Winter sports Winter Schwemmalm Ultental

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