Dorf Tirol

Dorf Tirol Summer Vacation 622 meters

Vacation in Dorf Tirol

Start exploring Dorf Tirol.
Dorf Tirol is the namesake of Tyrol (both in Austria and South Tyrol), and is beautifully situated at the entrance of the Texel Group Nature Park.

Start exploring the regional mountains, such as the Meraner Höhenstraße.

Mountain Sports
The region around Dorf Tyrol, is at least as beautiful as the rest of Tyrol, and is of course very suitable for various mountain sports.

Water Sports
Water park "Am Wasser Park" is a beautiful outdoor swimming pool, which in summer offers fun and enjoyment for everyone, in the style of ancient Roman baths.

Schloss Tirol.
Dorf Tirol is famous for its long history, and the castle Tyrol gave his name to the whole country.

Winter sports Winter Meran 2000

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