St. Felix

St. Felix Summer Vacation 1.265 meters

Vacation in St. Felix

St. Felix has a holiday in a sunny location on a high plateau.
The mountain village of St. Felix is on a pass road that is used for hundreds of years.

Today the village is however easier to reach via the new Gampenstraße.

A holiday in a sunny location on a high plateau.

Mountain Sports
St. Felix is a village that offer ample opportunities amidst the alpine flora, for hiking or cycling.

Water Sports
In this beautiful holiday region, are several opportunities for water sports.

Felixer Wasserfall.
The Felixer Wasserfall is a unique and impressive natural monument, in a fascinating environment.

A trip in nature, so typical for the region.

Winter sports Winter Schwemmalm Ultental

Tourist information office

St.Kathreinstrasse 1 39010 Hafling
Telephone: +39 (0)473 279457

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