Sulden am Ortler

Sulden am Ortler Summer Vacation 1.900 - 3.029 meters

Vacation in Sulden am Ortler

Sulden am Ortler is located in a beautiful setting.
High in the mountains lies Sulden am Ortler.

Here you can spend a vacation in a beautiful setting, surrounded by mighty mountains, green meadows and lots of calm.

The Alpine scenery and the clear creeks, are soothing to body and soul.

Mountain Sports
The landscape around the village, of course Mount Ortler, and the surrounding valley, are ideal for walking, over very scenic trails.

Water Sports
The Bärenbad in Sulden, is a very nice pool, with several attractive facilities, and of course plenty of opportunities to enjoy the beautiful weather.

Messner Mountain Museum Ortles.
Reinhold Messner, the famous mountaineer, has built a unique museum in this charming village.

Everything about the horrors of the ice, and the dark nights, snow men and snow lions, and much more.

Winter sports Winter Sulden am Ortler

Tourist information office

Hauptstraße 72 39029 Sulden am Ortler
Telephone: +39 (0)473 613015

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