Chiemgauer Alpen

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Chiemgauer Alpen: 383 - 2.713 meters

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Vacation in the Chiemgauer Alpen

Welcome to the Chiemgauer Alpen
Where the Chiemgauer Alps reach a height of 1,960 meters, in the south of the Chiemgau, there you can find a wonderful mountain world. Spicy meadow air, rushing mountain streams and beautiful mountains like the Hochfelln, the Kampenwand, the Geigelstein and the Hochgern.

Stroll through the sheer mountain nature, discover the most beautiful trails on a bike and wonderful mountain lakes where the resting becomes a pleasure, like the delicious local specialties.

Villages Region

Ski Resorts Region

Bergen Bergen Benzeck Skilifte Benzeck Skilifte
Inzell Inzell Hochfelln Hochfelln
Nußdorf Nußdorf Inzell Kessel-Lifte Inzell Kessel-Lifte
Oberwössen - Unterwössen Oberwössen - Unterwössen Reit im Winkl-Winklmoos Steinplatte Reit im Winkl-Winklmoos Steinplatte
Reit im Winkl Reit im Winkl Ruhpolding - Unternberg Ruhpolding - Unternberg
Ruhpolding Ruhpolding Schleching - Geigelstein Schleching - Geigelstein
Schleching Schleching
Siegsdorf Siegsdorf
Staudach - Egerndach Staudach - Egerndach
Surberg Surberg
Traunstein Traunstein
Vachendorf Vachendorf

Mountain Sports
Pure nature. In this way you can define the mountaineering in this part of Germany. Simply enjoy hassle-free, and an unspoiled nature. And that on beautiful mountain roads and mountain bike trails.

Water Sports
Beautiful mountain lakes such as the swimming lake in Inzell. With water of drinking quality and Watersports as you can expect in this region.

An adventure in the woods. Kletterwald Maserer Pass Reit im Winkl offers you exactly that, a climbing garden where your boundaries will be shifted, and the pleasure is elevated to new heights.

Accomodaties Accommodations Chiemgauer Alpen

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